Tucson Carpet Cleaning
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No downtime, no drying time. One reason why residents, hotels, restaurants and commercial management choose us. Using green solutions and compounds we are capable of effectively deep cleaning any carpet. We are Tucson's best wall-to-wall carpet cleaner.

*All estimates are final upon written statement.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout can be a challenge to stay clean. Our cleaning technicians are trained in the most current tile and grout techniques and will properly assess which methods will produce the best results for your floor.

*Up to 250 sq. feet of ceramic tile & grout cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

Low moisture upholstery cleaning with encapsulation technology is our method to pre-treat, treat and protect daily to high-end furnishings. This proven method is widely acclaimed by manufacturers and associations.

*1 sofa and 1 chair (normally $138).

Air Duct Cleaning
25% Off

Staying up to the latest standards, we use a rotobrush that spins and scrubs the inside of any system size ductwork. This method is designed to agitate and loosen contaminants. HVAC system cleaning is not a complex process, but each job is unique. We also provide disinfectant solutions.

*Residential, hotels, restuarants and all commercial.

Marissa Highly Recommends Our Service, Read Why

I would highly recommend carpet police! Manuel showed up on time and did the most outstanding job with the bedroom carpets in my home. He educated me of the process before getting straight to business. He was very friendly and polite. Manuel took the time to ask questions to understand the details about the carpet that needed attention. At the end of the cleaning my carpets were practically new.

Carpet Cleaning Tucson Reviews 1
Marissa G.
Angelica Was A Happy Camper - You Will Be Too!

I got my carpet cleaned by carpet police and it was great. Not only did they do a good job on actually making my carpet cleaner & smell fresher, but the customer service was amazing. Manny was the employee that cleaned my carpets and he was wonderful! Very presentable and professional, polite and not to mention he got the job done pretty quick! I recommend carpet police to all my friends and family.

Carpet Cleaning Tucson Reviews 2
Angelica L.
Look What Richard Had To Say About Our Service

Great left my key to let themselves in came home home and it was perfect they left little booties on the door so i could walk in without ruining the great job they did. Great price

Carpet Cleaning Tucson Reviews 3
Richard L.
Helen L. Will Never Shop For Another Cleaner :)

I have tried various carpet cleaners around Tucson, and the Legendary are by far the best. Their service is thorough, prompt, and cheap. I would never go anywhere else for this service.

Carpet Cleaning Tucson Reviews 4
Helen L.
Thank You Gracie For The Review On BBB

Very professional, courteous, and dependable. They did a great job and I definitely will have them come again.

Carpet Cleaning Tucson Reviews 5
Gracie W.
Bethany Is Getting Better Sleep On Her Clean Mattress

My niece had a little accident on our bed mattress. The Legendary cleaned it up quite nicely. They actually cleaned the mattress at their shop. When it was returned the staining came out and there was no left over smell. Thank goodness! I can now return to a comfortable nights sleep on my clean mattress :)

Carpet Cleaning Tucson Reviews 6
Bethany R.
Kathy Recommends Legendary!

Legendary did an excellent job on carpets and tile cleaning throughout our home. We were so pleased with their services and would highly recommend them.

Carpet Cleaning Tucson Reviews 7
Kathy H.
Thank You Mary For The Shout Out

They did a great job at my house and my moms. They even gave me a discount for scheduling both jobs in the same day. Saved me and my mom about $75.00.

Carpet Cleaning Tucson Reviews 8
Don Insisted To Write A Detailed Review - Thank You Don!

WOW!!! What a fantastic, professional, and beautiful job!! Juan and Alfred did our casita carpeting and slate tile, as well as all the slate tile on the first floor of our main house. The tile is natural stone, chinese multicolor and very difficult to clean because it is not smooth tile. THEY DID IT!!!!! They stripped all the old sealer, cleaned it so well that not a speck of dirt was on the floor, then applied 3 coats of sealant..Read the entire 5-Star Yelp Tucson carpet cleaning review here.

Carpet Cleaning Tucson Reviews 9
Don F.
Read What Stephan Had To Say

Michael and Jesus did a great job. I'm very happy and would recommend Legendary to everyone.

Carpet Cleaning Tucson Reviews 10
Stephan W.
Lizette Is A Reocurring Customer - Thank You Lizette!

Carpet police is very professional. I have had a wonderful experience each time they have cleaned my carpet. They are top notch!!

Carpet Cleaning Tucson Reviews 11
Lizette E.

Not Just Surface Cleaning But A Deep Thorough Clean

One Last Thing About Our Carpet Cleaning

The benefits of our regular carpet cleaning maintenance help prolong the lifespan of your carpet color, maintain the strength of the fibers and to remove stains more effectively. We include free pre-service vacuuming to help remove soiling accumulation, micro-organisms and to start with a clean floor. You can ensure that our Tucson carpet service will make your wall-to-wall flooring look better and smell fresh. If you are seeking for the best carpet cleaning, cheap carpet cleaning, or carpet cleaning Tucson reviews before hiring. Our verified reviews will give you the confidence to try our services

Effective Cleaning Without Chemical Residue

One Last Thing About Our Upholstery Cleaning

Using Eco-friendly cleaning compounds and solutions coupled with our latest dry-cleaning machine technology, we can provide excellent results for residents, hotels, restaurants and commercial suites. Our upholstery services cover sofas, dining chairs, fabric wall panels and all other upholstered furnishings. Our methods are IICRC tested and approved by many manufacturers and retailers in USA so you can rest assure that your everyday or high-end furnishings are cleaned accurately and with care. We recommend to not try DIY methods shown on the internet without the consultation of our experts.

Maintaining Natural Color In Grout, Tile and Stone

One Quick Tip For Tile Cleaning

With over a decade in the cleaning industry, commercial and residents ask how to clean tile properly without making it worse. An introductory tip is using household items i.e. toothbrush, Pine-Sol® surface cleaner and a mop/sponge. Add a 1/4 cup of Pine-Sol® to warm-to-the-touch water. Dunk your mop/sponge in the cleaning solution you just created and wipe down the surface areas. For tough spots, apply more solution and use the tooth brush. Once finished rinse the area with water and pat dry.

Goodbye Airt-Duct Dirt, Debris, and Allergens

Better Air Quality and Energy Savings

Air duct cleaning has been a service that is overlooked in the residential homes until lately. Industry health leaders, medical journals and National Duct Cleaner Association are now advising consumers to not ignore this yearly service. Why clean air ducts? The simple answer is they get dirty. On average, a single American home accumulates up to 40 pounds of dust per year. As your HVAC redistributes the air, significantly increases serious health risks. If you are concerned, talk to Tucson Legendary.

Still Not Convinced?

Carpet Cleaning Tucson Clients Rate Us #1

We are committed to your cleaning demands in home, hotel, restaurant and commercial areas. Our online-documented customer reviews reach well over 200+ in Google, Facebook, Customer Lobby, Yelp, Yellow Pages and City Search. All jobs carried out is reported to their operation manager that ensures all services are satisfactorily carried out. Each service van and technician is equipped with the knowledge, expertise, experience and equipped with the commercial-grade machines and tools. Being the #1 rated carpet cleaner in Tucson, gives the commercial or consumer the benefit of better pricing and a great experience. Your return is our ultimate goal.

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