Just like carpets, area rugs are like magnets for stains. You will try to be careful, but you cannot avoid staining your rugs. It is best to stay prepared with the knowledge of how to clean an area rug on hardwood floor. Most of the time, it is recommended to only focus on the area of the stain rather than cleaning the entire rug. 

How to Clean an Area Rug on Hardwood Floor
How to Clean an Area Rug on Hardwood Floor

How to Clean an Area Rug on Hardwood Floor

In this post, you will learn how to clean your area rug on hardwood floor. It will teach you how to get rid of stains, dust, and other debris. You will also know how to take care of your hardwood floors

Cleaning the Area Rug

Why clean carpets in the first place? First of all, you do not just use any method or products to clean the rugs. You should test-clean a small portion to see how it goes. If there is no damage to your rug, you can proceed with the cleaning. 

  • Using Sodium Bicarbonate

Scoop a good amount of sodium bicarbonate and spread it over the stain area. Use a damp cloth to clean the stains. Make sure that you do not pour any water directly onto the rug. Alternatively, create a sodium bicarbonate paste by adding little water to it. Stir it to bond. Use an old, clean toothbrush to apply it on the stain. When you are satisfied with cleaning, leave the paste to dry. Vacuum it later and you will have your rug clean and spotless. 

  • Steam Cleaning

Whether you rent or buy a steam cleaner, make sure you follow the instructions. Steam cleaning is very fast and effective, but it will cost you more than the other methods. When you are done with steam cleaning, leave the carpet to dry for hours. It is advisable to open the windows to allow the flow of hot air from outside. Finally, vacuum your carpet to straighten the rug’s fabric. You can even compare the differences between steam cleaning and shampooing your carpet.

  • Shampoo Cleaning

Get shampoo that is appropriate for your carpet material. If you are dealing with oily stains, you can use everyday dishwashing detergent. 

Put water in a bucket and get a carpet brush. Use it to spread the shampoo or detergent. Be careful not to soak the carpet. Move the brush in one direction at all times. When the stain is fully removed, make a solution of water and white vinegar in equal parts. Spray the mixture over the rug. Get another brush and scrub with it in the opposite direction to when you were spreading shampoo. Use clean rags or towels to absorb as much water as possible from your carpet. Leave it to dry in open air. This is a good method to use if you’re trying to clean a really dirty carpet.

Protecting Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are not water-friendly. You should protect them fiercely any time you are using water to clean your carpet. Use waterproof materials between the carpet and the floor when you are going to use a lot of water to clean the stains. 

Bottom Line 

There are several methods on how to clean an area rug on hardwood floor. You can use shampoo, steam clean, or sodium bicarbonate. As you remove the stains, remember to protect the floor from water. From there on out, you can make your own homemade dry carpet shampoo to keep your area rug clean. 

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